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Competitions last 30 days and should be entered through our online website:
In order to enter the competition, you need to follow the following steps (also available in the ‘‘How to Win’’ page):

The winner will be announced when the timer runs out or all tickets have been sold. 

If all of the tickets the competitions do not sell out by the time the countdown timer reaches zero, an additional 7 days will be added on to the countdown timer. 

If all of the tickets have not sold after the first extended time period, a 7 day extension will be added up to a maximum of 4 times. 

If all tickets have not been sold after 4 extensions of 7 days, a cash alternative prize of 70% of tickets sales will be awarded to the winner instead of the prize. 


Step 1 - Select Tickets for the prize(s) you like. You can choose from a panel of 9 destinations. You are not limited to one prize or one ticket! You can select tickets for as many destinations as you wish (up to 200 tickets overall).

Step 2 - Play the game ‘‘Spot The Ball’’. You can play the game for as many times as your number of tickets. The game is the same for all destinations. Learn more on 'How to play Spot The Ball
Step 3 - Win! Sign in/up and proceed to checkout. We would need to contact you if you are the winner of the competition so make sure you give us valid information. At the end of the competition, the closest to the position of the ball is the winner. One prize out of the nine is given away to the winner.


Skills: You have to use your skills when analysing the Spot The Ball picture’s characteristics such as the players’ look, shoulders’ and legs’ orientation, facial expressions (etc.) to find where the ball should be. The most skilled player wins the game and therefore the competition/prize.

Position Judgment: By law, the winning position of the ball in the game ‘Spot the ball’ is determined by a panel of experts (‘The Judges’) that use their own experience in the sport industry. This judgment will take place once the competition is closed (when the time is up). In certain cases, the Judgment will occur before the end of competition and the outcome stored in a secured database. 

End of competition: The Judge's Position will be computed against the database of players’ coordinates. The Winner is the player whose position is the closest to the judges’ (winning coordinates). He/she will win the holiday related to the winning ticket.
In the case of a two winners’ scenario: If two players got the same and correct answer, we will take in consideration the other coordinates of the players. The winner will therefore be the participant with the second closest coordinates to the experts' decision. If no second tickets have been played by both players, the participant who entered first in the competition, wins.